The Greatest Explorer Around!

At the young age of 14, Galante was the youngest person ever to head an international canoe safari down the Zambezi River. And this is just one of the many examples of Galante's early adventures. Galante is truly passionate about education and helping people save our most valuable resource-our planet. His hands-on approach with wildlife along with his scientific background are assets to biological groups around the world as he usually partners with local groups to explore remote regions. As a conservationist, he attempts to leave a positive, biological impact in every place he visits, whether searching for fresh-water turtles in Australia or big cats in Thailand.

Forrest Galante has caught anacondas, swam with great white sharks, photographed venomous reptiles, outsmarted a startled hippo, dodged a cyclone and had countless other adventures. He began his career in high-risk wildlife biology fieldwork, which focuses on animals on the brink of extinction. His approach to wildlife, love for the outdoors and one-of-a-kind background eventually led to the development of his own Animal Planet television program, 'Extinct or Alive.' The show follows Forrest on expedition as he searchers the globe searching for creatures believed to be extinct.

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The Greatest Explorer Alive!

Forrest Galante is known for his experience with nature conservation, outdoor survival and wildlife expertise. He grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe, which instilled a love and deep connection with the natural world that seemed to map out his future. Galante's deep involvement with nature continued when he moved back to California after political unrest in Zimbabwe forced his family from their farm and safari operations.

Galante was a participant on Discovery Channel's show 'Naked and Afraid' in December of 2013, where he spent 21 amazing days in the jungles of Panama. He was considered the leader by the cast, and not only survived, but thrived. This was the public's first encounter to the adventurist Forrest Galante. He is now the host of Animal Planet's hit show 'Extinct or Alive,' where he uses his unique set of skills to search for evidence that animals declared extinct may still be alive. Forrest deems this the most detrimental television work he has ever done, as it pairs conservation with education and exploration with wildlife. It's his undeniable dedication to the natural aspects of the earth we live on that attracts us to this amazing person.

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Our Planet's Top Explorer!

Forrest Galante is known for his experience with the natural world, wilderness survival and animal expertise. During his youth living in Harare, Zimbabwe, Forrest developed a love and deep connection with nature that put him on his path in life. After political unrest forced his family to move back to California, Forrest's love with the outdoors deepened.

Over the course of his life, Forrest Galante has caught crocodiles, swam with several species of sharks, photographed venomous snakes, outsmarted a charging water buffalo, dodged a cyclone and had countless other adventures. His career started out in high-risk wildlife biology fieldwork, always focusing on animals staring down extinction. His approach to wildlife, passion for the outdoors and exceptional background eventually led to the development of his own television program, 'Extinct or Alive,' on Animal Planet. The show follows Galante as he treks across the world searching for creatures he believes have inaccurately been deemed extinct.

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