In today's civilization it's hard to locate a nutritious but convenient lunch or dinner. Between a job, kids, and maintaining our apartment, I've been stretched too thin. More often than not I have to eat out at fast places or take unhealthy shortcuts when it comes to cooking at home. It makes me feel sad but it's become necessary.

Recently a healthy alternative appeared in only a few blocks away. Our new neighbors are lots of things including a sit-down restaurant, a bake shop, and a catering service. The new place has a large selection which comes in handy for my varied family. A picky eater's job has never been so simple.

Company Catering

I like the catering from our favorite local restaurant, and even though everything is made to order, they're still quick. Best of all, though, it offers me peace of mind knowing my family is getting a nutritious dinner instead of an unhealthy burrito.

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